The Author

Everyday is a learning process. Paul talks and hears from others, listens to radio, watches televisions, reads news papers, comics and magazines. He is trying to share what he is learning. He strongly believes that information is free and should be known to all. Sometimes he is quoting very useful information from other sources and trying to recognize where they came from. 

Paul is not obliged to write blog article everyday. He will blog whenever or wherever he wants  as long as his brain and fingers are up and running. He does not guarantee reliability of any information including comments and suggestions posted by readers and will not be held liable for the harm it may have caused.
Comments and suggestions are allowed. However, all bad languages, harassment, nudity, and forms of threatening will be deleted. Answering questions and inquiries is voluntary. 
Paul is a Web content creator, online marketer, products and services promoter, online writer and a Filipino blogger. He has no specific areas where his writing will focus on. He writes any subject that interests him under the merciless sun. He loves Internetting and Face-booking. His favorite saying: "Dream big and don't stop without giving it a chance to come true."

For Inquiry Send emailto: penwarrior90@gmail.com

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