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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

'Courage and Compassion' The Slogan for The Revolution of Changes and Made President Duterte The Most Admired Leader of The World

"Tapang at Malasakit" the slogan that made Rodrigo Roa Duterte - the most admired president of the world. Because of the 'Courage and Compassion' of Duterte, the 16,601,997 Filipinos in Philippines and the Filipinos in foreign lands have elected him to lead the country as the 16th president of the Republic of The Philippines.

Hindi Mahulugan ng Karayom sa Dami ng Supporters ni Pangulong Duterte - During the Duterte Campaign Trail 2016
Because of Duterte's 'Tapang at Malasakit' tremendous changes are happening now in the country side. His 'Courage and Compassion' caused the downfall of the untouchable dragons. It is in conjunction with what Senator Trillanes said during the election campaign 2016 - "If Duterte won the election, he would bring great disaster to the Philippines."

The prediction of Senator Trillanes was politically right because the disaster is  now spread throughout the country. When President Duterte intensified his "War on Drugs" the drug-users, drug-pushers, drug protectors and drug-lords received their punishments. Senator Leila De Lima is now in jail. Some of the untouchable Mayors were already sent off ten feet underground when they resisted during the police raid operations. And for those who've willingly surrendered were sent off for rehabilitation.

Because of 'Tapang at Malasakit' of President Duterte, the "War against Corruption" was brought to light. And he started kicking off some of his cabinet officials when he found them that they're officially engaged with that practice.

The 'Courage and Compassion' of President Duterte unmasked the truth to the Filipino people that the Philippines is already a 'Narco-State' run by 'Narco-Politicians'. And thanks God, the Philippines has produced a compassionate and courageous president - who is ready to die to protecting his country and his country men. Under his administration many of drugs laboratories were destroyed. And it is now safer to walk down the streets.

Duterte's 'Tapang at Malasakit' has encouraged the AFP and PNP to work together to fight the terrorism and rebellion in the country side. Few days ago, the last Maute group leader Omar and the Abu Sayyaf leader who were believed linked to ISIS were killed. Now Marawi City is now free and the rehabilitation process is now in progress.

Because of Duterte's 'Courage and Compassion' Russia and China opened a wider door for the Duterte's government. These two giant and powerful countries are now sending help to Philippines for the rehabilitation of  Marawi as well as providing weapons and other ammunition for our AFP and PNP needed to combat terrorism and rebellion in the Philippines.

In addition, President Duterte has unmasked all his dissenters who're planning to oust him: the church, biased media networks in Philippines, CHR advocates, bayarang journalists, LPs and other Dilawan.

Dahil sa 'Tapang at Malasakit' ng ating mahal na pangulo - nararamdaman na natin ang pag-asa at isang araw magigising tayong lahat na ang bansang ito will be great again. Of course, President Duterte cannot do this alone - he needs our helps and supports.

Kaya mga ka-DDS, BBM supporters at iba pang nakakaunawa na sa mgandang hangarin ng ating Pangulong Duterte - anuman ang color mo o affiliations for as long as you have the 'Tapang at Malasakit' para tulungan ang pangulo welcome kayo. Let us unite and together embrace the same slogan: "Tapang at Malasakit" (Courage and Compassion) for the revolution of changes.

Source: Tapang at Malasakit - Alliance to Support President Duterte

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