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Friday, June 30, 2017

Duterte Deserves a Perfect Score of Ten Stars on His First Year as The 6th President of The Fifth Philippine Republic

Ang unang taon ni Pangulong Duterte ay dapat lang na ipagmalaki sa buong mundo ng lahat ng mga Filipino. Siya lang po ang kauna-unahang pangulong nagtataglay ng tunay at totoong bayag para labanan ang druga, corruption at kriminalidad na naging sagabal sa pag-unlad ng bansang Pilipinas at nagpahirap nang labis sa milyong-milyong Filipino Muslim man O Kristyano.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, The 6th and The 16th President

President Duterte deserves a perfect score of ten stars on his first year as the 6th president of the Fifth Philippine Republic and the 16th president after Emilio Aguinaldo.  President Duterte is the second president elected by the Filipino people after Marcos. The first one was President Joseph Estrada.

Former presidents: Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Aquino III were selected presidents by the Oligarchs and Puppets presidents of the Oligarchs, US, UN and the EU.

Kabayan, anong grado ang ibibigay mo kay Pangulong Duterte sa kaniyang unang taon bilang pangulo at government worker ng bansang ito? Maituturing mo po ba na isang tagumpay ang pagkahirang mo sa kaniya bilang iyong pangulo? 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kapayapaan at Pagkakaisa Hiling ni Pangulong Duterte sa Pagtatapos ng Dakilang Buwan ng Ramadan

Thanks to Partner4Change for this video Pangulong Duterte Gusto Ng Kapayapaan Sa Bayan

Sa pagtatapos ng dakilang buwan ng Ramadan, ang mahal nating Pangulong Duterte ay taos-pusong nagpahayag ng kaniyang saloobin at pakikiisa sa selebrasyong kinakaharap ngayon ng ating mga kapatirang Muslim Filipino sa bansa at sa lahat ng mga Muslim Filipino sa ibayong-dagat.

The below message says, I quote, "I join our Muslim Filipino community in celebration of Eid'l Fitr. The first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal always brings great joy to our Muslim brothers and sisters. This signifies the successful journey towards spiritual purification through a monthlong fasting on this special day. Remember to thank Allah for bestowing upon you the resolve, courage and fortitude to obey his commandments during the blessed month of Ramadan.

"May this renewed sense of spiritual accomplishment give you the strength and courage to cultivate our communities in times when all odds seem stacked against us. It is our willpower and faith that will always see us through. Let us channel our energies towards fostering national unity - because dedicating our lives to the betterment of humanity is the best way to demonstrate our devotion to God.

"Together let us work towards building a society that is grounded on love, mutual respect and understanding. May this special day bring happiness, peace and prosperity to everyone. Eid Mubarak!"

Nawa'y ang mensaheng ito ni Pangulong Duterte ay tumagos din sana sa bawa't puso at isipan ng kaniyang mga kritikong Dilawan - na ang kailangan ngayon ay pagkakaisa at pagtutulungan para makamit na ang tunay na kapayapaan ng bayan.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Antonio Trillanes is a Senator for The Rich Or Elites Or The Oligarchs Not for The Common People

Mula mismo sa bunganga ni Senator Antonio Trillanes, kaniyang pinatunayan na siya is not representing the common people or the masang Filipino but representing the rich or elites or the oligarchs instead.

To watch the video click Trillanes/Sackur/Interview
What is democrat? The prefix demo - means "Common People". A democrat is a person who believes in democracy. Someone who opposed the aristocracy. Someone who believes in equality for all people and ruling by the majority.

Kailangan pa bang pagtiwalaan ng masang Filipino itong si Trillanes? Sa kaniya mismo galing na siya ay hindi para sa common people. Siya ay isang manggaganso, manggagamit at mapagsamantalang nilalang sa balat ng lupa.

Salamat kay BBC's Stephen Sackur, dahil sa ginawa niyang one-on-one interview kay Senator Antonio Trillanes on June 21, 2017 - lumabas ang tunay at totoong kaliskis ni Trillanes.

Ngayon si Trillanes ay tumatahol laban sa BBC - at may plano siyang edemanda ang BBC at si Stephen Sackur. At kaniya rin ipapatanggal sa YouTube at Facebook ang video ng nangyaring interview sa kaniya ni S. Sackur. 

Again thank you Mr. Sackur - nag-researched ka nang husto. Hindi ka tulad ng ibang International Media Journo na nagbabase lamang sa mga biased news reports na kanilang nababasa mula sa mga biased media networks sa Pilipinas. Ang lahat na Filipino sa buong mundo ay sumasaludo sa inyo Mr. Sackur. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

President Duterte, The Most Accomplished Leader to Describe Exactly What is Love

In the name of love, President Duterte talks the talk and walks the walk. When he gives, he gives it by heart without expecting for any return because Duterte lives with love. He does not just promise but he works to accomplish it according to his will and to his best. He does know well how love works - as love heals broken hearts, broken homes and chaotic nation.

The common phrase which is abusively said "Without love our life is nothing at all" and Duterte believes it - because he knows that love heals the pain and agony of our hearts, homes and nations. It is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. It is the basis for all being. It can be described as actions towards others or to oneself based on compassion. Or actions towards others based on affection. It refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction. 

President Duterte knows that love is the lodestar of life. It is the heart of life, the force that erases the differences between people, it bridges the splits of bitterness, the pot of gold at the beginning and at the end of the rainbow. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Avoid Porno Sharing and No Flaming Between Members and Followers, The Rules

This is a Facebook Online Community which is also a place where you are free to advertise and to promote whatever stuff you have on hands. This page is also open for discussion about anything under the merciless sun.

When you become one of its members or followers - you are entitled or free to do the following things to the page such as:

  • You can write reviews about anything that interests you about the community.
  • You can publish articles or your stories to the page.
  • You can add photos and videos to the page. 
  • You can contact this page privately and can tag this page too. 
  • You can use the page's location for photos and videos. 
  • And no words are being blocked from the page. 

Because this page is visible to every one - you can expect that whatever stuff you would have to share to the page it can be seen publicly. If you are a blogger, or other online writers and are going to share your newly published article from your blog site or website or any news stories and videos you have discovered from other media networks or if you are businessmen/women and you are planning to share your products and services to online users - this community page will be happy to accommodate them for public viewing and maybe through this method will help you boost traffic to your site as well - always include the URL going to your site.

The community is not too strict about its rules. There are only two things that each and everyone should follow: Avoid Porno Sharing to the page and No Flaming Between Members and Followers.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Battle of Marawi: Attention Congressman Lagman and Other LP Members: Hanggang Kailan Kayong Mananatiling Bulag sa Katotohanan?

On June 16, 2017, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella and Armed Forces of The Philippines (AFP) Spokesperson Brigadier General Restituto Padilla and other AFP officers held a 'Mindanao Hour' press briefing for the Malacañang Press Corps (MPC) at the New Executive Building (NEB) in Malacañang.

During the Mindanao Hour press briefing tinalakay nila ang mga naiwang pinsala ng nasabing "The Battle of Marawi also known "The Marawi Crisis".Below were validated reports from AFP as of June 15-16, 2017 such as:
  • 26 Civilians killed by (Maute) Local Terrorist Groups
  • 1,629 Civilians rescued
  • 225 killed (Maute) Local Terrorist Groups
  • 208 Recovered Firearms
  • 59 Government Casualties KIA (Killed in Action)
  • 63,430 families or 309,412 persons displaced
  • 98,830,063.20 php worth of assistance has been provided to affected families
In addition to the above reports and information, the Presidential and AFP Spokespersons have also highlighted the following significant developments for Marawi such as:
  • Recovery and control of strategic vantage points by advancing troops (high buildings, key structures in the built up area).
  • Continued Engagements and dialogues with the key sectors and local leaders of Marawi in preparation for the rebuilding/rehab phase.
Attention Congressman Lagman and Other LP Members: Hanggang Kailan Kayong Mananatiling Bulag sa Katotohanan? Nangyari ang Marawi Crisis dahil there is Rebellion in Mindanao. 

Sources of ideas and other info:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

President Duterte has All the Resources to Prove that there is Rebellion in Mindanao: Reasons why Duterte proclaimed Martial Law No. 216 Now is Questioned by the Oppositions

Sa panahon ni Duterte, ang oposition ay laging nakabalandra to oppose sa bawa't adhikain ng ating mahal na Pangulong Duterte - kahit pa man nakaharap na sila sa liwanag at katotohanan - na ang ginagawa ng ating pangulo ay para sa ikabubuti ng bawa't Filipino "Muslim man O Kristyano" tulad na lang sa nangyayari sa Mindanao ngayon. He proclaimed Martial Law No. 216 for Mindanao dahil sa presensha ng rebellion. And the proclamation of Martial Law is to ensure the safety and security of the Filipino people and preserve our national integrity.
Pero para sa mga oppositions there is no rebellion in Mindanao - sa kabila na there were hundreds of Maute group members died including many of our hero soldiers at sa kabila rin na ang Martial Law ni Duterte is supported by the majority members of both the Upper and Lower Houses of Philippine Congress. Sa parte ko kabayan - if you were a law-abiding Filipino citizen (Muslim ka man O Kristyano) walang dahilan na matakot ka sa Martial Law. Pero bakit itong mga oppositions (LP o Dilawan) nangangatog na sa takot sa Martial Law ni Duterte - ibig bang sabihin - they are not law-abiding citizen?
Below are screen shots of the Martial Law documents No. 216 (for educational purposes and to show the transparency of Duterte's government to each and everyone). I do not owned the copyrights - all the copyrights belong to my FB friend's uploader Neil Robert Alagos Duterte.
Martial Law Document - 1

Martial Law Document -2

Martial Law Document - 3

Martial Law Document - 4

Martial Law Document - 5

Martial Law Document - 6

Martial Law Document - 7

The President of The Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte

President Duterte has all the resources to prove that there is rebellion in Mindanao, and the present of rebellion there is the reason why he proclaimed Martial Law No. 216 for the islands of Mindanao. Kaya lang ang mga taga LP ay questioning him at hinahanap nila ang factual basis ng kaniyang Martial Law deklarasyon. Naisip ko tuloy... hindi pa ba sapat ang hundreds of teroristang Maute na nangamatay including of our hero soldiers? How about let us request Congressman Lagman and other petitioners isama na rin natin sila Sen Hontiveros, Drillon, Trillanes, Alejano, Bam Aquino and other LP members including the Justices of the Supreme Court na pumunta sa Marawi City, Mindanao at personal nilang tingnan ang mga nangyayari doon.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

President Donald Trump Reveals The Meaning of Covfefe Through a Photo

13 days ago, nagulantang ang buong mundo nang mabasa ang tweet sa Twitter ni Pangulong Trump ng America na nagsasabing "Despite the constant negative covfefe." Lahat ng nakabasa niyan ay hinalungkat ang iba't ibang English diksyonaryong available in the world to look for the meaning of "Covfefe". Even Google Translate could not give the true meaning of the word. Pero may isang dictionary online which is the Urban Dictionary has already defined it and has listed Covfefe and its meaning on their site as - "When you want to say 'coverage' but your hands are too small to hit all the letters on your keyboard."

It was said that President Trump had tweeted it on the early morning or after midnight of May 31, 2017 at around 12:06 am in Washington DC. He wrongfully typed the word coverage to "covfefe" as in "Despite the constant negative press covfefe" and immediately he tweeted it. However, after the confusing days, he reveals the meaning of Covfefe through a photo as you see below.

Looking at the above photo you see President Trump is holding a executive order to be awarded to a certain name of a person - as you see it at the left side you see and read the word Covfefe and at the right side is the subject of the word. And of course, I am lucky and happy as the recipient to receive his EO. 

Okay. Now let's know the meaning of Covfefe according to Urban Dictionary

Covfefe is the once secret name of an ancient tentacle monster that white supremacists fornicate with. The name was leaked to the public when Donald Trump, well known leaker of classified info, tweeted while relieving his arousal upon its girth. In the throes of passion, Trump cried out the name of his lover mid-tweet, EJACULATING IT INTO CYBERSPACE!

Originally coined by Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, covfefe will inevitably come to be syonymous with sending a text or publishing a tweet prematurely and with egregious spelling errors.

Covfefe means - When you want to say "coverage" but your hands are too small to hit all the letters on your keyboard. Like what President Trump tweeted on May 31, 2017 at 12:06 am in Washington DC that reads, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe."

So Covfefe means Coverage.

Sources of ideas and other info:

Google Search

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Philippine Independence Day: June 12, 1898 After The 646 Days The Martial Law was Declared on August 30, 1896

Ang kauna-unahang deklarasyon pala ng Martial Law sa Pilipinas ay nangyari pala sa taong 1896 sa ika-30 ng Agosto. It happened when the revolt had spread to the 8 provinces namely: Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, Tarlac, Laguna, Batangas and Nueva Ecija. It was the Spanish Governor-General Ramón Blanco, 1st Marquis of Peña Plata, to declare a "state of war" in those provinces and place them under martial law. 

Philippine Flag
After 1 year, 9 mos and 11 days or approximately equivalents to 646 days, the Philippine Independence Day was proclaimed on June 12, 1898 by Emilio Aguinaldo at his ancestral home in Cavite. On 18 June 1898, Aguinaldo issued a decree formally establishing his dictatorial government. And followed another decree signed and issued by Aguinaldo, replacing the Dictatorial Government with a Revolutionary Government, with himself as President on June 23, 1898. 

Sa June 12, 2017 - ang mahal nating pangulo (kung sakaling may pagkakataon siya) kasama ang iba pang government workers ay makakasama natin sa Luneta Park, Manila upang gunitain ang ating kasarinlan - at tiyak makikita natin na kaniyang itataas ang ating Watawat kasabay ang pag-awit ng ating Philippine National Anthem "Lupang Hinirang".

Kung ating pagmamasdan ang ating Bandila - ating masisilayan ang ganda ni LUZVIMINDA. Ating masisilayan ang walong probinsha na kauna-unahang nalagay sa Martial Law. Atin din mararamdaman ang tapang ng ating mga ninuno na nagbuwis ng kanilang dugo at buhay para sa lupang hinirang.

Ayon sa mga historian the eight rays of the sun na makikita sa ating Watawat represent the provinces of Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, Tarlac, Laguna, Batangas and Nueva Ecija which were declared under Martial Law by a Decree of the Spanish government during the revolution of 1896. And the three five-pointed stars represent the three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The white equilateral triangle stands for equality and fraternity. The blue stripe means peace, truth and justice while the red stripe represents the Filipino's patriotism and valor.

Ang tanong ko sa iyo kabayan: Ano ang Philippine Independence Day para sa iyo sa panahon ng bagong administrasyon ni Pangulong Duterte? 

Sources of Ideas and other Info:
Lupang Hinirang
First Declaration of Martial Law in Philippines

Friday, June 9, 2017

Sen Risa Hontiveros: Hindi Rebellion Or Invasion Ang Marawi Seige: Sang-ayon Ba Kayo sa Kaniya Kabayan

Ibig sabihin nito si Senadora Hontiveros ay may sariling dictionary that will perfectly defines the word Rebellion or Invasion because til now she "condemns the Marawi Seige" at dapat daw ang "Martial Law" should not be declared by President Duterte for the whole Mindanao. 

Definition of Rebellion
Basahin nga po natin ang definition ng Rebellion sa Revised Penal Code under Article 134. Ang nakasaad o nakasulat doon ay: "The crime of rebellion or insurrection is committed by rising and taking arms against the government for the purpose of removing from the allegiance to said government or its laws, the territory of the Republic of The Philippines or any part thereof, of any body of land, Naval or other armed forces, or depriving the Chief Executive or the Legislature, wholly or partially, of any of their powers or prerogatives."

Hontiveros Interview @ UNTV
Kung babasahin muli n'yo kabayan ang the above definition at inyong hihimay-himayin - tiyak na tumbok ninyo na ang presensha ng Teroristang Maute sa siyudad ng Marawi is a form of rebellion - pero para kay Senadora Risa Hontiveros ay hindi raw rebellion or invasion. Sang-ayon ba kayo sa kaniya?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kapag Ang Leader ay Magnanakaw, Ang Kaniyang Subordinates ay Magnanakaw Din

Sa panahon ni Noynoy, ang ating nakita ay kaliwa't kanang pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan. Pati yong mga tulong mula sa ibang bansa ay kanilang nilamon. Ang mga biktima ng sakuna nang humagupit ang Bagyong Yolanda ay napabayaan. Nang mamatay si Marwan na isang terorista na naging dahilan ng pagkamatay ng SAF44 - ang kaniyang buhay ay nagkahalaga ng $5 million - pero ni isa walang makapagsabi kung nasaan at sino ang tumanggap ng pabuyang yon? Kaninong bank account naka deposit ang perang yon? Magpahanggang ngayon nanatiling sekreto ang kinalalagyan ng nasabing salapi - kahit mga generals ng AFP at kapulisan wala silang maekuwento kung kaninong kamay napunta ang nasabing kuwarta samantala sila ang tumarabaho para wakasan ang buhay ni Marwan ayon sa utos ni Noynoy.

Paghanga sa AFP ni Sen Panfilo Lacson
Ngayon panahon ni Duterte, lahat ng mga kaganapan ay transparent - kaniyang isinasa-publiko - dahil si Pangulong Duterte ay honest, totoo sa kaniyang tungkulin, may malasakit at galit siya sa korapsyon. Kaya naman ang kaniyang mga subordinates ay honest din kung magtrabaho. Ipinapahayag sa publiko kung ano ang tunay at totoong nagaganap. Tulad na lamang nang matuklasan ng AFP ang limpak-limpak na salapi sa lugar ng pinagkakanlungan ng Maute group - agad nilang isina-publiko. Pinahalagahan nila ang kanilang sinumpaang tungkulin kaysa masilaw sa pera. Seguro kung nangyari iyon sa panahon ni Noynoy - baka ang limpak-limpak na perang yon ay kanila na pinagparte-parte.

Kaya naman ang paghanga ni Senador Panfilo Lacson sa AFP ngayon sa panahon ni Duterte ay abot langit at kaniyang pinapurihan sila saying "I take my hat off to our soldiers no matter how battle-weary they are and considering the risk of life they're going through. They were not tempted with the prospect of a comfortable life for themselves and their families instead, and stuck to their honor and integrity as professional members  of the AFP."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Finally The World Understands President Duterte's War on Drugs

Anderson Cal says, "When drug lurks in the Philippines, criminality surge...before Duterte's Administration - Rape, Killing, Robbery, Corruption are very rampant because of drugs and the Narco-Politics lurk the country. The people already lost hope and cannot take it anymore - it has to stop. That is why President Duterte won. It's a clear message that the majority of the Filipino people support the president in its war against criminality and corruption. Philippines is a lovable country and must not be ruined from the corrupt and the oligarchs."

Video Credits: YouTube Video Uploader

Di ba ang sarap pakinggan ang sinabi ni Mamang Cal. At naging mas matamis pa sa asukal - when a UK Analyst calls President Duterte a Hero sa pagsugpo sa Maute Terrorist Group in Mindanao. Of course, you can watch the video and listen what this smart guy from UK tells to the whole world that according to him President Duterte is the correct man to execute them. Below are some of his best personal analysis about Duterte and his fight against drugs and terrorism in the country.

He said, "Philippines must remain stable and it must remain sovereign - all those and not just Isis who want to destabilize the country must pay a very heavy price until then Duterte now is in the midst of two wars. He is in the midst of a drug war which is incredibly violent and which is incredibly dangerous. He is also in the midst of total war on Isis who are interested in not just causing death and terror but on top of that are interested in creating political instability through conquest of Philippines territory. 

"The same way that they have conquered parts of Iraq ports and Syria and parts of Libya. It is important that Duterte wins war on both of those fronts and indeed they are related the drugs cartels and the drug dealers. They are financing Isis in many parts of the world of controlling the narcotics supply both inward and outward and the money derived from these illicit illegal sales is financing them - that is why the drug war and the war on Isis must continue with double the effort and I believe that President Duterte is the correct man to execute them!"


Awit Para sa Kalikasan

Lambing ni Inang Kalikasan: Nadudurog Ang Puso Ko sa Tuwing Nakakakita ng Kalbong Kabundukan. I am happy that President Duterte is indeed willing that illegal minings and illegal loggings in the country should be suppressed accordingly.

Hayop sa Kahayupan

Ngayon naglalabasan na ang tunay na baho ng pamilya Aquino. Ultimo mga Bangkay ng mga Romualdez sa Tacloban, Leyte ipinahukay ni dating pangulo Corazon Aquino sa paghahanap ng mga ginto ng pamilya Marcos at Romualdez. Hayop sa kahayupan!

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